Just as we did, more and more many costumers decide to use high-quality products and set a high value especially at natural, healthy ingredients and a near-to-nature production. We were convinced that only pure and natural products can have a positive effect on the body. This general interest and our convictions finally led us into distributing our own high-quality, pure and natural products with verified quality, to guarantee a high quality standard. For this reason our products are produced with great care on natural basis on the highest quality standards (BDIH-standard), within following requirements:

  • herbal raw materials

  • without silicons, paraffines or any other petroleum products

  • without any synthetic colorants or parfumes

  • other components can be mineralic or obtained by natural sources

  • only exclusive natural or certain nature-identic materials for conservation are admitted

  • abandonment of radioactive radiation of raw materials as well as of the product

  • no animal testing

  • PEG free (PEG=PolyEthylenGlycol / PPG=PolyPropylenGlycol)


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In unserer Naturkosmetik verwenden wir natürliche Rohstoffe in Bioqualität.

jobiNEA- Naturkosmetik aus Südtirol

natürlich und besonders.

Vegane und Gluten freie Kosmetik

Cosmetici naturali di qualità, anche per vegani e senza glutine e anche con materie prime di qualita bio

jobinea Naturkosmetik

Romstraße 148

I - 39012 Meran/o

Südtirol - Alto-Adige

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